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Bagaimana cara Signing Symbian Application?

Saya dapat dari blog seseorang (http://then95blog.wordpress.com):

Updated: There is a new way of signing symbian applications without following this, Click here to give it a try.
Please note that Symbiansigned limited the effect of Public ID, in short words, this guide no longer works!

A while ago, i wrote a post about how to sign symbian applications, something readers are still struggling with.

This time, The guide is simpler than ever, it can’t be more simple, and anyone now(not only domain owners) can sign their own symbian applications

Step One:
If you own a privately hosted E-mail a.k.a Yourname@yoursite.com, Jump to step two, if you don’t then
Go to 2ip.com , then register an e-mail address account, Choose ANY domain, It won’t make a difference.

Step Two:
Download GenialSiS, Then extract it to the desktop
After extracting, Run GenialSiS.exe a.k.a GenialSiS and make sure there’s nothing between it and the desktop i.e, it’s opened and running directly on desktop, nothing between the two

Step Three:
The first thing you’ll see is IMEI Bar , Type in your IMEI “you can know your IMEI By dialing *#06# ” , Then click Generate, It’ll ask you to name the profile, write anything and click OK

Step Four:
Go to Symbiansigned.com and register an account “By clicking Register Now in the right side of the page, under the login box” , When you’re asked for your E-mail, Type the e-mail you registered in step one , or if you own a privately hosted e-mail type it “Please note that gmail, Hotmail or any other public e-mail services are not eligible for registration, if you haven’t followed step one,you won’t be able to register” , Then register your own account at symbiansigned , when you’re done go back to GenialSiS, and make sure AGAIN!! that GenialSiS is running on the desktop, and there’s no windows or applications running between both.

Choose the second tab in the application “Symbian Signed Certificate” ,Type in your Symbiansigned.com account details i.e. The e-mail you registered with , and the password,then click upload Certificate.

After Clicking, You’ll be asked to write the semi-clear letters in the picture a.k.a Security check , write them and click confirm, if you wrote them right, the application will tell you where to save a file, after click OK , a File download window will appear, Choose Save and save it in the folder that was written in the prompt message you saw seconds earlier.

Step Five:

Choose the third tab in the application “Sign SIS/SISX” , click open & choose the file(s) you’d like to sign, Choose the profile you made in the drop down menu of profile, then click sign

Congratulations, Finally you have signed the file(s)/apps,They’ll be found in the folder containing the unsigned apps/file(s) that you just signed.

I explained every single step of the signing process in the simplest way ever, due to the amount of mail i got when i first posted a rather simple but not like that way of signing applications

Please note that i don’t approve any comments of people facing problems, if you are contact me at coolkiro (at) Gmail (dot) com


  1. sya ingin mendownload aplikasi seri 60 kaspersky anti virus

  2. lalu??

  3. nice tutorial…..but I have a problem to upload the certificate!!!
    the programm says that its limit for 24h has been reached.
    Need help.

  4. wah kayaknya symbian aku gag tau apa apa deh.. jadi cuma kebetulan lewat aja,,,

    from http://blog.aprillins.com yes this is aprillins!

  5. Salam kenal mas 8)
    Saya juga pernah nyoba di symbiansign, tapi susah banget registernya. Tapi saya sudah nemuin cara lain yang ga perlu register :), kalau mau tau caranya ada di http://bamber4smansa.wordpress.com/2009/02/23/cara-lain-online-signing-symbian-aplikasi/

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