Oleh: antoniusrc | 9 Juli 2008

Indonesia juara Imagine Cup 2008!

Ternyata juara Imagine Cup 2008 adalah dari Indonesia, kebetulan dari ITB.  Mereka membuat suatu tool tentang lingkungan hidup bernama Butterfly.  Tim ini beranggotakan: Arief Widhiyasa, Dimas Yusuf Danurwenda, Ella Madanella Dwi Mustika, Erga Ghaniya.  Dibimbing oleh Dr. Dwi H. Widyantoro

Ini dia detail projectnya:

Butterfly is a public reporting, documentation, and publishing system for environmental problems that is to be deployed in a country by the government. Butterfly can receive environmental reports from the society through various input devices, including text messages, phone calls, the Internet, and mobile applications. When Butterfly receives reports, it classifies each report into categories according to the keywords retrieved and prioritizes them according to importance. Afterward, it determines where to send the report according to its location and category and sends the information right away to the responsible authority. After the authority receives a report, they can send a response regarding the problem to Butterfly. All the reports and responses would be published on a Web site, so the society can see the current environmental problem, as well as its solution.
By allowing the society to send and see reports, Butterfly is giving every citizen a chance to contribute to saving the environment. Thus, we can increase society awareness towards the environment. Butterfly also ensures that a complete report of the problem will be sent immediately to the organization that is responsible for handling it. In addition, Butterfly also provides report documentation for the authority, which makes the report handling easier.
Butterfly is the answer for environmental reporting problems. It can prevent any delays in solving environmental problems, as it forwards an environmental problem directly to the responsible authority as soon as the sender sends the report. The responsible authority would then be able to take action towards the problem quickly. When an environmental problem is handled quickly, we can avoid further environmental damage. With less environmental destruction, we are taking one step ahead toward environmental sustainability.

Technology/software used:

  • Deployment Needs
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows Server 2008
    • Windows Mobile 6.0
    • Silverlight 1.1
    • IIS 7.0
    • SQL Server 2008
    • .NET Framework 3.5
    • .NET Compact Framework
  • Development Needs
    • Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET (C# and ASP.NET)
    • Expression Blend 2.0
    • Visual Studio Mobile 6.0 SDK
    • Microsoft Speech API 5.3
    • Virtual Earth SDK 4.0
    • British Telecom SDK 5.1.0
    • GPS.NET SDK 2.3
    • Windows Presentation Foundation

    Sumber: http://imaginecup.com/MyStuff/MyTeam.aspx?TeamID=8671


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