Oleh: antoniusrc | 31 Agustus 2009

Mouse Genius T835 Navigator

Saya membeli mouse laser presenter baru… saya bilang itu keren! mouse ini sungguh memiliki fitur yang canggih untuk presentasi.

Demikian bunyi fitur yang ada di website Genius (www.geniusnet.com)

If you want more functions and have less to carry, then check out this premium wireless device from Genius ~ the Navigator T835 Laser. It features a presenter, laser mouse and laser beam function, and is the all-in-one super tool for you to carry along with your notebook.

As a presenter, Navigator T835 Laser can be used for PowerPoint navigation for previous page, next page, esc or play. Plus, the laser beam function has a working distance for up to 10 meters and you can even control the mouse cursor in the air with the Genius unique touch control technology in a more human- oriented way. Moreover, Navigator T835 Laser uses the world’s first eight-way scrolling for Internet pages, document browsing or activate the turbo scrolling by sliding your finger over the panel to shorten the browsing time.

Other advanced features include a micro receiver that is always ready since you can keep it plugged into your notebook, plus the 2.4GHz wireless laser technology which eliminates RF interference and with the 1600 dpi resolution, Navigator T835 Laser gives you much better tracking precision and adapts to more surface coverage than a regular optical mouse.

So, for a true technology breakthrough device, Navigator T835 Laser is the ideal device that gives you more innovation over others. Contact your sales representative now for more information.

Key features:

  • Unique 2.4GHz presenter controller with mouse function
  • Advanced high precision 1600 dpi laser sensor for excellent tracking precision
  • Laser technology provides better tracking performance than optical mice
  • Touch to scroll-eight way browsing for left, right, up, down and diagonal directions
  • Presenter function with air-cursor function for easy cursor movement control
  • Working distance up to 10 meters; anti-interference


Interface support USB
System support Windows® Vista/XP/2000
RF frequency 2.4GHz
Number of buttons Nine (Left, Right, touch control- middle button, turbo scroll buttons, Previous page, Next page, Esc, Play (F5)
Resolution (dpi) 1600 dpi laser engine
Batteries Two AAA alkaline

Fitur-fitur (diambil dari http://www.geniusnet.com)



  1. Tolong donk… Wireless Genius Mouse Navigator T835 saya rusak. Skrg mouse tidak bisa dipake. Dimana yach saya bisa dapet sparepart wireless-nya. Maksud saya, itu loh… alat yang dicolokin ke USB yang rusaknya. Thx boss.

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